At Chemfor, we are designing and engineering tailored drilling fluid systems and products to help our customers to increase efficiency, lower the overall cost and minimise the waste generated.


Our drilling fluids systems and products are customized to maintain wellbore stability, optimize ROP, increase efficiency while reducing NPT.


From surface to payzone our drilling fluids systems and products portfolio:




Water Based Mud (WBM)

Bentonite/Spud mud


Potassium Chloride and Potassium Carbonate Systems

Saturated Salt Systems

Sodium & Potassium Silicate Systems

Glycol Systems

Polyamine Systems (HPWBM)

Mixed Metal Oxide System

High Temperature High Pressure Systems


Invert emulsion drilling fluids

Low toxic, invert emulsion Systems

Synthetic based HTHP Systems


Reservoir fluid systems

Drill-in fluids Systems

Filer cake removal breakers



Commercial chemicals

Fluid Loss agents

Synthetic based fluid chemicals



Clay and shale stabilisers

Flocculants and dispersants

Lost circulation materials

Specialty products

Weighting materials